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Monk Comes Down the Mountain is a fantasy adventure film produced by New Classics Media, directed by Chen Kaige starring Wang Baoqiang, Aaron Kwok, Chang Chen, Lin Chi-ling and Fan Wei.

An inexperienced young monk leaves his Taoist temple on the mountain because of famine. He steps in the lustrous and dazzling world of mortals where he treats everything in good faith but to find the world is so different from his imagination. He finally understands that motto from master "A true hero will acheive his goals, regardless of means, if the desire is great enough." before he comes down the mountain.

Monk Comes Down the Mountain brings Chinese style set and Kung-Fu fighting scene to a whole new level via IMAX 3D technique. - Xin Hua news.

Adrian Chan who is VFX Supervisor from S51 serves as the shooting guider, following the shooting team to Jinyun Xiandu. “We have made a lot of special effects previs there. Kaige wanted to achieve unique and fresh style to this Chinese action adventure via different shooting means combining with CG techniques," said Adrian. The shooting team spent 7 months building an area of more than 5000 square meters, shooting for 213 days. And it was lucky to work with the movie studio Animal Logic from Australia again to produce the special effects of the film. The studio was involved in the special effects production of The Great Gatsby, Spartan 300, The Matrix.

Production Company
New Classics Media

Wang Baoqiang
Aaron Kwok

Release Date
2 July 2015(mainland)

S51 On-Set VFX Supervisior
Adrian Chan