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'Time To Love' is a love story directed by Song Di, and starred by Chen Yihan, Dou Xiao and Yang Youning.etc. The film is based on the popular TV series "Treading On Thin Ice" (adapted from Tonghua's novel "Treading On Thin Ice").

The S51 team is responsible for all post production and more than 200 scene effects shots. In the post-production, the S51 team made a large-scale model of the Chengde Mountain resort scene, and restored the whole picture of the director's heart in the Qing Dynasty Mountain Resort in the form of pure CG. At the same time, in order to break through the requirements of the past costume film and create a true fairy-tale love story, the S51 team is working hard to match the actor's design and shooting scenes, by polishing the color and special effects. Create a pure love fairy tale atmosphere, while using special effects technology to paint a more romantic and aesthetic picture.

In addition, the S51 team is responsible for post-production of the sky, CG butterfly, digital model of the actor and 2D smoke material etc.

Production Companies
Huashi Media Investment Company
S&C Pictures Company

Song Di

Ivy Chan
Dou Xiao

Release Date
7 August 2015

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Manager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager
Lei Luhan

Lead Compositor
Wang Mingpeng