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Yolk Man is a super web series. The team devoted much time and energy on the production. It took the team two years to do the pre-production. There are thousands of special effects shots including "Creature Special Effects" which is the first innovation in China. S51 took participation in the production with a goal of creating the sci-fic artwork representing Asian aesthetic. S51 took charge in yolk's design and production and most special effects shots production.

Yolk Man is in post-production.

Channing Huang

Channing Huang

Lin Bohong
Yu Lang

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan
Siuka Wong

S51 VFX Production Manager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager
Lei Luhan

S51 VFX Producer
Wang Tong

CG Supervisor
Wang Mingpeng

On-Set Supervisior
Wang Mingpeng

Modelling Lead
Jing Zhifeng

Animating Lead
Ji Yubin

Compositing Lead
Fan Guanghui