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An ordinary mortal man accidentally travels through time and finds himself in a distant past where he becomes the legendary Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Unwilling to accept his fate in Journey to the West, he determined to change the future. Sun Wukong experiences a narrow escape on the road of pursuing immortality. He is saved by Canary while she sacrificed her life. So he promised to revive the canary. In order to realize the promise, Sun Wukong embarks on a journey to learn from Buddhism, where he has romance with naive Feng Ling and aloof Yang Chan, and also fights with Subhuti and Supreme Lord Lao Zi in the confrontation of demons against heaven. The bloody battle with heaven eventually made him invincible. But again the canary's reincarnation Feng Ling dies into ashes in front of him. Carring with resentment, he raises a challenge to heaven using his gold hoop stick.

Now S51 is gearing up for the post-production.

Production Companies
Cenic Media
Talent Television and Film Co., Ltd

Chun-Man Wong

Raymond Lam
Jiang Mengjie
Kenji Wu
Jin Akanishi
Cheng Yanqiu

S51 VFX Supervisors
Adrian Chan
Siuka Wong

S51 VFX Production Manager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Producer
Guang Yan

CG Supervisor
Wang Mingpeng

On-Set VFX Supervisors
Gao Henan
Wang Yang

Modelling Lead
Jing Zhifeng

Animating Lead
Ji Yubin

Compositing Lead
Fan Guanghui