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Impossible tells the story of Memeda, a "human detector" from outer space happens to meet a depressed man (Tang,Liguo) who just lost his daughter in a car accident. After many challenges and conflicts, Memeda and Liguo become good partners. The film was released on December the fourth, 2015 in China.

Adrian joined the project during pre-production, working closely with Sun Zhou to develop and design the main CG character Memeda and the alien in the final battle sequence. It took over six months from 2D concept artwork to a final digital sculpture, working up each part of the structure – from the underlying mechanics to the texture on the surface. One of the main challenge comes from the nature of Memeda having no arms or legs and to over come that, each part was carefully designed to give the flexibility to translate emotions and expression on screen. The alien is a highly complicated character design because it needed to have three stages of transformation. The challenge was not just designing the different stages of the alien but also figuring out the mechanics of how one transformation goes to another. In addition, S51 team also stepped in to overcome the difficulties. They completed the first domestic film "Swap Operation". Dapeng successfully replace the original Chapman To.

Production Companies
Star Union Skykee Media
China Film
Pearl River Film
Hua Ce Pictures
Hefei Radio and Television Investment

Sun Zhou

Wang Baoqiang
Xiao Shenyang
Da Peng

Release Date

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Mannager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager Lei Luhan

Lead Compositor
Wang Mingpeng

Concept Artist
Adrian Chan