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Skiptrace is directed by Renny Harlin, starring Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, and Fan Bingbing. The film tells the story of a police officer carring with a promise and a criminal suspect who is a gambler and happens to witness a crime scene and they begin a fugitive journey.

As a road comedy film, Skiptrace not only has the story of ups and downs and has elaborate layout design, but also scenery of multi places. Adrian Chan, the VFX Supervisor of the film, has just completed the on-set work of Monk Comes Down the Mountain and then poured into on-set Skiptrace which lasted three months starting from Hong Kong, to Macao, Erenhot, Guangxi Terrace, Sichuan Mountains and other distinctive regional places.

In the film, Bennie and Connor escape out of the swamp and get shocked by the Kongming lanterns flying all over the sky. The old waterwheel, wind-rain bridge, residents dressed in traditional costumes, the silence of the night and lanterns all over the sky outline a leisurely and comfortable picture which brings a moment of peace for two fleeing people as well as let the audience learn about this traditional custom.

More than 50 members of S51 team participated in the post-production. They made important contributions to the film. Adrian Chan recalled that the cast waited from 5 o'clock in the morning until night and invited a lot of local extras for this scene. For environmental protection, we added the line to Kongming lanterns.

The lead compositor Wang Mingpeng added that on the basis of hundreds real lanterns, S51 team used CG to add lanterns as much as three or four times. Finally the picture shows obsessing twinkling stars in the sky.

Production Company
Beijing Talent International Film Cultural Company

Renny Harlin

Jacky Chan
Johnny Knoxville
Fan Bingbing

Release Date

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Mannager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Coordinator
Lei Luhan

Lead Compositor
Wang Mingpeng