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The film is adapted from China classical myth novel "Feng Shen Yan Yi" (The Investiture of the Gods) which tells the story of Jiang Ziya leading a group of experts in different fields to assist King Wu conquer King Zhou in the late Shang period.

S51 team is responsible for the post-production of the climax including Ne Zha, Lei Zhenzi and Xian Cao in League of Gods.

According to the customer's needs, S51 adjusted the scenario and converted the outer space to a deep canyon.

In order to present this weightless space, the team has conducted many tests and depth studies on models and lighting. Lead Modeller Jing Zhifeng recalled, "we refered to the United States Antelope Canyon for the texture of different stones in the canyon. The canyon requires a huge model. We filled the canyon with lots of building blocks and stones on the basis of sample shots".

For the lighting part, the lighting effect in the real shot should be adjusted accordingly after the conversion of the scene. S51 subtly applied the lighting effects in sample shots to the blue light seeped out of volcano rock in the canyon. The application and adjustment make it more reasonable for the actor's light effect in real shots.

In the compositing stage, in order to achieve the depth of the canyon and make the picture more beautiful, the compositors have separately adjusted the scene of each shot. Just because S51 is exquisite to each frame, only then has splendid fantasy picture in the movie.

Production Companies
China Star Movie
Bona Film Group

Koan Hui

Jet Li
Fan Bingbing

Release Date

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Manager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager
Lei Luhan

CG Supervisor
Wang Mingpeng
Yu Shaoyuan

Modelling Lead
Jing Zhifeng

Compositing Lead
Yu Shaoyuan