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This ancient costume fantasy show is directed by Lin Yufenzhi, is adapted from a popular online novel and is known as "the most beautiful ancient costume TV show in history". This TV play mainly tells the story of the sad love affair between Bai Qian(Cast: Yang mi), the most beautiful woman in Qingqiu, and Ye Hua (Cast: Zhao Youting), the prince of Nine Heavens.

In the production of special effects in the later stage of this show, S51 VFX team and TWR Entertainment work together to take charge of the extinct scenic spots such as Tiangong lotus pool and Wuwanghai, which are dominated by "Ten Mile Peach Forest".

In the process of production, S51 upholds the traditional Chinese aesthetic thought and refines the essence of Chinese classical aesthetics, devotes itself to carving and polishing Taolin on the basis of the huge investment of the theatre team in setting up the scene shooting. The polished Taolin changes the soft and gaudy image of the peach blossom in the past film and television works, which not only depicts its delicate and delicate tender posture, but also endows the peach blossom forest with the ancient clumsiness and endurance of vicissitudes of life. Perfectly restores the ten-mile peach forest in the fantasy between the author's pen and ink and the fans. With three monthes hard work, in the end, it did not disappoint the public expectations, this does not exist in the world of the "Three Lifelong Dream" the most difficult part to achieve before the world, and the final effect here has been unanimously recognized by fans, known as the "God Restoration" scene.

There is a saying in the original book, "Memory can be sealed, but sometimes the heart will betray, forgetting the fate of previous life, can't forget the ten miles of Taolin, also can't forget the teenager in the ten miles of Taolin." Under the careful construction of the S51 VFX team, ten miles Taolin has witnessed the expectation and stay of Baiqian and Yehua's three generations.
Production Companies
Gcoo Entertainment
Jay Walk Studio
San Wei Huo Studio

Yuk-Fan Lam

Yang Mi
Zhao Youting
Zhang Zhiyao
Dili Reba

Release Date

S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Mannager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager
Lei Luhan

CG Supervisors
Bo Jie
Wang Mingpeng

Modelling Lead
Jing Zhifeng

Animating Lead
Ji Yubin