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In the background of Shanghai in the 1920s, "Great Expectation" tells a story about "choice", and takes a total of three films: "Life", "Chaos World" and "Breaking Dreams".In order to achieve the desired results, about 70% of the funds of the show are used for production. There's more than 800 cast and actual staff of the cast , and the biggest scene is a crowd has nearly 1,500 actors. In addition, the crew also used film-level configuration photographic equipment such as aerial drones to set up 9 new scenes and more than 600 detail designs such as meticulous buttons and stitches.This show is a legendary drama created by Chen Sicheng after five years after the TV series "Beijing Love Story". Chen Sicheng not only served as the chief screenwriter and producer of the drama, but also starred in the show as a main character.

"Great Expectations" was completed from the end of 2016, and in April 2018, after more than a year of polishing, it finally came out. Since the launch of the show, it has received wide attention. During the broadcast, the show hits and stays at the top viewed position. At the same time, the play was widely recognized for its sophisticated production and became one of the representatives of the "Quality Show".From the final data point of view, "Great Expectations" has exceeded 4 billion in the whole network, and the highest daily broadcast volume has reached 180 million, and it has won the daily network broadcast champion multiple times!

As one of the production teams, S51 and the group shot for nearly 6 months, post-production for more than 3 months, the entire project lasted nearly 10 months.S51 visual effects supervisor Chen Zikai said in an interview: "The quality control of "Great Future" is very strict. Every day after the filming of the day, we will review the replay with the founding members (including when watching the rough cut).In the process, I obviously felt that the main creatives such as Director Xie Ze and Supervisor Chen Sicheng were the film-level team. In the special effect, S51 had the honor to participate, and we naturally could not fall behind! Although the later time is the same as other drama production time. However, we have been making the goal of 'imaging the texture', and polishing it with care, only to present a high-quality picture." From the opening "one shot to the end" accurately restored "Oriental Paris", to the CG roof of the large miscellaneous hospital, have witnessed the couple's emotional warming process;from the 360ºscene of the Xian Juan village to interpret the "Arcadia", then to the drawbridge fight The cliffs are built to perfection. The couple bridge breaks the atmosphere of tears... Every scene made by S51 is accompanied by the transition of the plot, which perfectly shows the current environment. It is precisely because of the strong combination of the excellent master team and the excellent production team that the effect of 1+1>2 has been formed, which has achieved the "Great Expectations" that everyone expects.

"Great Expectations" innovatively mixes all kinds of elements together, and the style is lively and serious. Its theme promotes the values of love, loyalty, family and justice, etc. that conform to the mainstream of the times.

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In The Great Expectations, it incorporates elements such as comedy, legend, martial arts, power, and humanity. He was also known as the Great Shanghai by the Chow. In a sense, Hong Sanyuan is like a "guide" that leads the audience back to the big Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. On this road, you can see the traditional culture of the Chinese nation that has been passed down for thousands of years. There are also people who are full of life. The creators who can tell the new story of the chronology are rare in the film and television industries, and it is rare to be able to balance the works of business and art. "Great Expectations" handed over a perfect answer.

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Production Companies
Mango Studios
Xiang Shan Wu Kong Media
Cheng Ya Media

Xie Ze

Chen Sichen
Tong Liya
Amber Kuo

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S51 VFX Supervisor
Adrian Chan

S51 VFX Production Manager
Derek Piao

S51 VFX Project Manager
Lei Luhan

CG Supervisors
Wang Mingpeng
Bo Jie

On-Set Supervisor
Fan Guanghui

Modelling Lead
Jing Zhifeng

Animating Lead
Ji Yubin

Compositing Lead
Fan Guanghui