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The film tells seven friends are playing a game in the party of handing over their mobile phones and sharing all the calls,text messages, wechat messages and even advertising window. Therefore it ironically raises a storm of emotions.

To get close to life, the film added some current social issues in China like webcast tip、mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship、elderly care problem、divorce for buying house. It followed the comedy style instead of the complex human description in original, which met Chinese taste more. Kill Mobile achieved over 570 million yuan at the box office in 15 days. It was an unique show during the “New Year”war and won favourable praise again and again.

S51 was responsible for all post-production and scene effects in over 300 shots for the entire film. According to the release time, S51 even produced hundreds of special effect shots in around 10 days during the post-production. In the mean time, S51 perfectly restored the big house with a large rooftop for barbecue on the 6th floor in the center of city where they live by using special effects. No matter from day to night or indoor to outdoor scene, S51 realized the scene restoration of director’s mind through elaborate and rapid post-production, extended the original plot on dining table to the whole city, reflected various kinds of people in the city.

Production Company
New Classics Media

Yu Miao

Tong Dawei
Ma Li
Huo Siyan
Qiao Shan

Tian Yu
Dai Lele
Xi Mengyao

Release Date

S51 Project Manager
Xiong Liang

S51 Main Producer
Shen Chao

S51 VFX Supervisor
Zheng Jun
Guang Yan

S51 Producer
Yang Rui

On-set Supervisor
Guo Hongliang
Zhao Yanqing

3D Lead
Zhang Hai