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It tells Zhang Yao, Da yu and Xiao Lan a group of people explore fantastic places such as ancient water town, illusory town and secret woods etc., searching for ancient book that has been lost for long time、encountering all kinds of exotic animals and insects and fighting against all of these. In the first year of the Republic of China, in order to find out the cause of his grandfather’s murder. Zhang Yao entered the East China Sea to search《Yi Jing Xuan Yao》in the legend with his friend Da Yu and Xiao Lan. But this trip led to Xiao Lan’s accidental death. Da Yu harboured resentment to Zhang Yao because of this, thus they split up. Over time, Lao Sun who sells antiques in order to find the《Yi Jing Xuan Yao》,deceived to cooperate with Da Yu as the reason of searching Xiao Lan’s death and tempted Zhang Yao to enter the East China Sea again.

S51 was horned to participate in the VFX production of the film, polished the fantastic creature images with the main creative team and restored the reality of the hero fight against beast. Hoping to give fans a satisfied New Year’s Day audio-visual feast to make the picture has strong shock and impact.

After 3D modeling and fine setting and rendering on skin and texture of the beast, it was alive and vivid, head down, eyes bright, saliva dripping, teeth indented and texture clear. Even the film director was amazed at the huge project.

Production Company
New Studios Media Group
Trawind Division

Liu Xuandi

Lin Fenghua
Fu Heanqi
Bao Xiaoping

Release Date

VFX Supervisor
Qin Wei

VFX Producer
Derek Piao

VFX Production Manager
Shan Jing

CG Supervisor
Zhan Hongjian

CG Lead
Lei Changjiang
Zheng Jun