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It is adapted from original novel《Dian Jing Lian Ren》wrote by Nan ye lin er, perfectly combines the characters' story of electronic sports industry and anchor industry. It mainly tells talented professional E-sports player Ji xiangkong and arrogant female anchor Qiu Ying. From encountering disputes, fighting a battle of wits to burying the hatchet, appreciating each other, finally encourage and cooperate with each other to go forward and harvest success on their way of pursuing dreams.

S51 was responsible for all special effects in the show. The show is related to electronic sports, so there are many scenes such as competition and training. S51 restore the real scene of the game competition and add audiences perfectly by using special effects. In the mean time, the layout details of the scene also give audiences a more intuitive feeling.

Production Company

Sha Weiqi

Wang Yibo
Wang Zixuan
Yan Yuhao
Ding Guansen
Lv Xiaoyu
Yan Xujia

Release Date

VFX Supervisor
Varun Hadkar
Xiong Liang

VFX Producer
Derek Piao、Luke Shen

Lead CG Asset Artist
Zlatko Sejdinovic

Lead Lighter
Zheng Jun