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It is adapted from the novel《Decode Game》by Sun Kangqing, a Chinese American writer. It tells the story of Chinese compatriots represented by Li Xiaoyu, Qiu Yongbang and Jian ni, a transnational rescue was staged at the race between life and death and also completed the self-redemption through 7 days and nights. After this disaster, all people have been saved spiritually, cherished life and love more between people and missed the stable living environment and warm relationship more of our motherland.

S51 was responsible for explosion, gunfire and sandstorm effects in the show. It took around 3 months to complete over 300 shots in total. Restored the real condition under this dangerous and hostile environment, made a better preparation for the characters who got through seven days and nights nightmare journey in the plot.

Production Company
Wanda Media Co. Ltd

Liu Xingang

Li Chen
Wang Qianyuan
Yang Caiyu

Release Date

VFX Supervisor
Zheng Jun

VFX Producer
Shen Chao

Lead Compositor
Zhao Yanqing